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All the Davaindia products are manufactured in plants accredited by WHO and other international GMP standards with stringent adherence to all guidelines and manufacturing practices. Also they are certified by NABL accredited laboratories to ensure optimum quality.

With major focus on acute and chronic illness the aim is to make quality medicines affordable and available to all.

Good Health for everyone

Davaindia a division of Zota Healthcare Ltd. has been growing in number of stores across India at a rapid pace with a wide range products which include Generic medicine, Health & Wellness, OTC, Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals, Protein Supplements and Ayurvedic.

Davaindia provides you with high quality generic medicines and helps you save UPTO 90% on the medicine bill.

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About Generic Medicine

What are generic medicines?

Generic Medicines are those medicines which are marketed under a non-proprietary (Patent) or approved name rather than a proprietary or brand name.

Generic VS Branded

Generic Medicines are equally effective and inexpensive compared to their branded counterparts. E.g.: - Crocin contain the molecule Paracetamol and market with the brand name of crocin while Generic version also contain molecule Paracetamol and market with the name of paracetamol only.

Why Davaindia Generic

Davaindia Generic pharmacy provide medicines at an affordable price. All products are NABL certified and have Certificate of Authenticity. All products are manufactured in WHO certified plants.

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