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India’s largest private generic
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Total Savings of citizen by choosing Davaindia’s generic medicines

₹ 19,733,565,239

About Us

DavaIndia is an abiding initiative of Zota Healthcare ltd which revolutionized the Indian Healthcare scenario by providing high quality generic medicines at a very low cost and this initiative has been acknowledged by many and awarded with TIMES ICON 2019 (TIMES OF INDIA GROUP)

The quality in terms of efficacy and safety of DavaIndia generic medicines is at par with the branded medicines available in the market. However, DavaIndia’s generic medicines offer a comparative cost benefit upto 90%* on its generic medicines which is a significant savings on medicine cost.

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Davaindia brand of
Zota Healthcare Ltd.

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It was the vision of Mr Ketan Zota., Chairman Zota Healthcare Ltd. to see the need of revolution in Healthcare industry to make quality medicines affordable and accessible to all, as branded medicines are priced high compared to their generic counter parts. The obvious solution is Generic medicines ‘low cost alternative with similar quality and efficacy.’

Davaindia provides you with high
quality generic medicines and
helps you SAVE UPTO 90%*on your medicine bill.

Generic Medicines, OTC,
Cosmetics, Gyms Supplements,
Health & Wellness, Nutraceuticals,
Ayurvedic, Surgical and
Exclusive cobranded Khadi India products.

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Affordable and High Quality

Why Us?

India's largest private
retail chain

Revolutionizing India's

health care scenario

Our Vision

Davaindia shall take a leadership position in transforming global healthcare industry by making quality health & wellness products available for all.

Our Mission

Davaindia shall become a trusted Global Healthcare player offering health & wellness solution towards a healthier living.


  1. 1995

    Inception of ‘Zota’

  2. 2017

    Inception of Dava India August - 2017

  3. 2018

    25+ Stores

  4. 2019

    74 Stores

  5. 2020

    220 Stores

  6. 2021

    491 Stores

  7. 2022

    530 Stores

  8. 2023

    763 Stores

  9. 2024

    1032 Stores

India’s largest private

generic pharmacy retail chain

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* T&C

Save upto 90%*

on medicine bills

* T&C

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generic Medicines are those medicines which are marketed under a non-proprietary or approved name rather than a proprietary (Patent) or brand name. Generic medicines are equally effective and inexpensive compared to their branded counterparts. E.g.:- Crocin contain the molecule Paracetamol and market with the brand name of crocin while generic version also contain molecule Paracetamol and market with the name of paracetamol only.

It’s a government authority or licence conferring a right or title for a set period, especially the sole right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention.

We have total 2000+ products available, which includes “Generic medicine, Health & Wellness, OTC, Cosmetics, Protein Supplements, Gym Supplements, Nutracutical, Ayurvedic & Surgical prodcuts”.

Davaindia Generic Pharmacy a chain for generic pharmacy retail outlets across India established in 2017 with the aim to provide affordable and quality medicine to all and doing that have provided Happiness of Good Health for all. Davaindia Generic Pharmacy is a division of Zota healthcare Ltd. (established in 1995) offering Generic Pharmacy franchisee across India with the aim to provide affordable and quality medicine for all.

Reaching across
in 25+ states


PAN India Presence